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  • Interviewer (about Cloud Atlas): One of your co-stars, Hugo Weaving, said he was playing six parts. Who are your characters?
  • Ben Whishaw: ...I’m doing three: Frobisher in the thirties; a female American in the seventies, in the Luisa Rey section; and a smallish role, where I’m basically an extra, in a modern-day nursing home, in the Timothy Cavendish section. Everybody’s swapping race and gender, so it’s very ambitious and quite fun. I’ll really love playing a woman!
  • Interviewer: You’ve kind of played a woman before: You were a witch in the National Theatre’s adaptation of His Dark Materials, and in The Tempest, your Ariel had breasts.
  • Ben Whishaw: I did have breasts! [Laughs.] My Marilyn Manson breasts. I like playing highly androgynous characters like that. When I went to have my female body put on, I tried to confront how I would inhabit that body psychologically, emotionally. It was really interesting to try and think about what it would be to be a woman. I wished I lived in a time where actors did those kinds of transformative roles more...Back when they first did Shakespeare, all the female parts were played by men, and I’d love to have a go at something like that. I don’t think playing a woman would work as well for me on television, but it could work really beautifully onstage.
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